My food philosophy: eat well, live well.  You'll find a strong accent on the healthier side of things minus the preaching (well, maybe a little).  I firmly believe that a little indulgence and an occasional strong cocktail is good for the soul.

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So what's cooking?

EVERYTHING.  Almost every culture inspires me in one way or another.  I am always up for discovering a new curry, spice blend, technique, flavor get the picture.  Beautiful, clean, flavorful food is the goal. The focus is on real food featuring seasonal and local (when practical) ingredients.  Healthful, nutritious dishes have a place here as do indulgent, decadent creations.  Omnivores will feel most at home but recipes for paleos, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-frees and rawists are often featured.  So what do I cook? Good, clean, tasty food. 

What's with the name?

I like pigs and figs. It's all about keeping the balance between indulgence and health (insert big yawn here.)  No, I mean it.

Are you for real?

Well, I guess I get a little street cred from attending the La Technique program at the French Culinary Institute but I'm mostly a self-taught cook.  I firmly believe that if you can read, you can cook.

I have a question.

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