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pineapple/ginger/cilantro juice aka aloha

pineapple ginger cilantro juice I wanted to come up with some fun, clever name...but, alas, I clearly did not.  This is a great, refreshing combination of incredible chock full o'health benefits stuff.  You might cock your head to the side when you think about adding cilantro but I really encourage you to give it a try.  If you just CAN'T, add a carrot or two instead.  Not the same but it's also a yummy combination.

I know I am making a huge assumption that you have a juicer.  I have a relatively inexpensive one that's really easy to clean and so I end up using almost every day.  I can say enough about creating your own fresh juice.

aloha aka pineapple/ginger/cilantro juice

1 whole pineapple

1/2 c cilantro leaves and stems

1 2" knob of ginger

Blend together in a juicer.

Serves 2.