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beet-watermelon juice


Need to perform like an Olympic athlete anytime soon? Probably not.  Would you like a little energy boost before your workout?  Um, yes, please.

Apparently, according to some recent studies, beets are kind of nature's answer to Red Bull.  Although I'm not so sure about mixing this juice with vodka.  Personally, I prefer to mix in couple of tablespoons of chia seeds but that's just (super dork) me.

I've always had a thing for beets.  My husband, err..not so much.  But somehow, someway, I have won him over.  I won't lie and tell you that the beets are totally masked but if GD is drinking it, I can tell you, it's pretty damn good.

I keep any extra juice in an air-tight container for up to 3 days.

beet-watermelon juice

2 beets

4-5 c watermelon, rind removed

1 2" piece of ginger

1 lime, rind removed

1/2 orange, rind removed

Run all of the above through your juicer.