border patrol: the cocktail + tales from marfa, tx

border patrol
border patrol

There are many reasons why I love my husband.  So many, actually, but I'll tell you about two.

1. He is ALWAYS up for a road trip.

2. He makes really great cocktails.

The road trip in this case was over 1,000 miles out of our way through the most desolate parts of New Mexico and West Texas.

One very important thing to note (for Gerry ONLY) is that we would be passing through Rosewell, NM just in time for the annual Alien Festival.  That, my friends, is what sealed the deal.

Marfa, TX  had been on my radar for  many years and, with all the places to see in this world, I couldn't imagine when I would actually get there.  For those of you unfamiliar with Marfa, it is an art colony in the most remote part of Texas about an eight hour drive west of Austin.

Its history is similar to most dusty western towns along a railroad and would have most likely remained fairly unremarkable if it weren't for the iconic artist,  Donald Judd. Lured by the stark, open landscape, the revered minimalist moved from NYC to Marfa in the 70's to continue his work.  Others from the creative class followed and very wonderfully weird things began to happen.

People come to Marfa for all sorts of reasons: the cutting-edge art scene, communal camping, even mystery lights in the sky.

Along the way they will also find a place to get fresh pressed juice, an electronics museum/late night grilled cheese parlor, a truly excellent book store and a former fort that once held German POWs (now housing Judd's own Chinati Foundation)

It's hard to briefly or even completely explain Marfa.  It's equal parts of strange, rough, dusty, and totally cool.  There is a creative energy around town that you can only get when a bunch of slightly kooky souls gather in one place.  There are cowboys and ranchers, artists, border patrol agents, screenwriters, and misfits all roaming around a tiny one-light town.  I loved it.

So back to the cocktail.  This is the one area of the kitchen where I totally defer to my husband.  He is the mix master without a doubt.  The name is inspired by the largest employer in town: US Border Patrol.  I have a thing for  strong, interesting, not-too-sweet, slightly fiery drinks. And this one does not disappoint.

Much like my husband.

border patrol: the cocktail

inspired by the sri-quila old fashioned at cochineal

4 oz reposado tequila

2 T agave syrup

1/4 t Peychaud's Bitters

a scant 1/4 t sriracha bitters (I used Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters)

a 2" sqaure ice cube (so much better for cooling and not diluting)

Mix and pour over ice.

If you go:


(uber-stylish) Thunderbird Hotel

(historic + great bar) Hotel Paisano