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kale + coconut + cinnamon smoothie

kale, coconut cinnamon smoothie

For my birthday this year I got:

-the best coconut cake I have ever tasted (thanks to my daughter's ridiculous skills)

healthy cooking and online recipes

-an incredible dinner/feast (daughter, again)

-three homemade cards that made me laugh, smile, cry

-a slideshow/video set to a favorite MGMT song chronicling the year

-and a VITAMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I would have been good with the cards/video/cake, I am kind of thrilled about the VITAMIX.

blending kale in the blender

It's a pretty serious upgrade in my high-speed blending super powers.  I'm not at all saying that anyone needs one.  It's just a nice luxury to have. You can certainly get by with a traditional blender, you just need to take a few extra steps and make sure things are chopped a bit more.

This is a super satisfying smoothie, great for a quick morning meal or post-workout.  The addition of cinnamon is not only delicious but has a ton of reported health benefits, including stabilizing your blood sugar which is never a bad thing.

kale + coconut + cinnamon smoothie

2 c roughly chopped kale

2 bananas

1 c ice

24 oz coconut milk (I used so delicious vanilla)

1 T cinnamon

Blend together at high speed.  Serve immediately to 3 happy people.