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linguine with puttanesca + wine pairing


Say hello to your new (or maybe old) friend, the sauce of the whores.  There are many stories around how this simple dish got it's name, from "oh the smell was so alluring, men came in off the streets" to "these ladies were busy and hungry and this is what they had on hand."  Yeah.  I'm going with the latter.  So take note, this IS stuff you havein the house.  No need to ever go hungry.  And the leftovers happen make one hell of a frittata.

15 minutes, door to table.  Healthy, fresh, briny, spicy deliciousness.  Serve with a simple salad maybe and some crusty bread.  I know that some consider serving grated cheese with fish-in-the sauce pasta some kind of a sin.  I disagree and always love love love parmesan on my pasta. Always.

linguine with puttanesca + wine pairing

serves 4

1 can of dice san marzano tomatoes

3-5 cloves of garlic, roughing chopped

5-8 anchovy fillets

1/2 c oil cured black olives, pitted and roughly chopped

3 T capers

1 T oregano

crushed red pepper

1/2 c micro arugula (optional)


1 lb linguini

olive oil

Time: 5 minutes to prep, 5 minutes to make the sauce...just waiting for the pasta to cook....

Put a pot of water on to boil.


Heat a large saute pan to medium-high heat.  Add a couple of swirls of olive oil, the anchovies and garlic, stirring constantly and taking care not to burn the garlic.


Add the tomatoes after the garlic is lightly browned.  Stir and cook for a couple of minutes.  Add in the capers, olives, oregano and season with the crushed pepper.


Drain the pasta and pour it directly into the saute pan.  Turn off the heat and stir to coat the pasta with the sauce, adding the arugula and basil if using.


Serve immediately...yes, right from the pan.


During your down time while waiting for the pasta to cook, open this:

Wine Pairing:

For this delightfully delicious Italian classic, why mess with tradition?  Find yourself a succulent, medium to full-bodied Italian red and leave your troubles behind you.  A thing to know about Italian wines: They are made specifically with food in mind, and should be enjoyed as such.

Puttanesca is hearty without being heavy, which allows for a broader range of body style choices.  Garlic and capers invoke powerful flavors. Combine that with the acidity of the tomato and there’s only one friend left to invite - a robust, velvety red with an earthy upbringing, spicy wit, and a decent amount of attitude.  This wine will stand up to the dominating flavors in the dish while counteracting any acidity. . . and it will make sure everyone plays well together.

Here’s what we suggest:

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