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nutty raw balls


Yes, I said nuts and balls.

YOU try to come up with a better name.  They are not cookies; I hate the word "nugget". What else could they be but nutty raw balls?

My uber-heath conscious, beautiful BFF made these for me while I was staying at her house recently.  I will admit that I was a little skeptical.  Not because she isn't an amazing cook but more because she kept calling them salty balls.  Not the most appealing name, albeit a very accurate description.  I watched her make them in her mad scientist way (no measurements, of course) and...drum roll please...they were really delicious and totally addictive.  They have all the things I want in a quick bite; a little sweetness, some crunch, a hint of salt.  I would go so far as to say they taste a bit like raw cookie dough but, in many ways, they are so much more (and better) than that.

They were born from the desire to use up the pulp leftover from juicing which, inevitably, leaves you feeling a little smug for running such a "zero-waste" kitchen.  The other great news is that people in your house will start saying things like "Do we have any raw balls left?" which will always make you giggle a little bit.  SO, to summarize, nutty raw balls:

1. taste great

2. make use of potential waste

3. are great for you

4. make you laugh

I also tried baking some of the dough at 350º until they were a little golden.  They were good but not as good, in my opinion, as they are raw.  Please feel free to improvise with the nuts/seeds/dried fruit.  Paige used dried cherries and a pre-packaged nutty trail mix which also worked very well.

nutty raw balls

with huge thanks to Paige Petersen (who also makes me laugh) and Amy Clody

1/3 c pumpkin seeds

1/3 c almonds, roughly chopped

1/3 c walnuts

1/3 c sunflower seeds

1/3 c hemp seeds

1/3 c chia seeds

3-4 pitted dates

3-4 pitted dried figs

2 1/2 c carrot pulp (or peeled and shredded carrots)

1/3-1/2 c coconut oil

1/3 c maple syrup

shredded coconut

Himalayan sea salt

Place all of the ingredients up to the coconut oil in a food processor and pulse until well combined.

Add the oil and maple syrup and process until the "dough" starts to gather into a ball.

Add a little more syrup/oil if needed.  On a plate, spread out some of the shredded coconut seasoned with a bit of salt. Roll the dough into balls and then coat with the coconut/salt mixture.

Refrigerate until they are firm.  They keep for about 3-4 days.