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pizza with buffalo mozzarella, creme fraiche, corn and prosciutto

I think I know pizza.  I'm a half-Italian from a working class town a short PATH ride away from NYC.   I've been to Naples and I have eaten things.  Pizza Hut, Dominoes and now Beau Jo's have no meaning in my life.  I think those facts alone give me some street cred.

There are, oddly,  many wood-burning pizza joints in Boulder, but there is one that trumps them all: Pizzeria Locale.

I won't give you some two-bit-Yelp-style review.  All I will say is that if you find yourself in Boulder, go.  Many other pizza "experts" agree with me or I with them....this is the best pizza, the Mais, that is, that has ever passed my lips.  This is it:

So here, my friends, is my attempt at a re-creation.  You know, some girls want diamond rings, I want a wood-burning oven.  Some day.  But for now pizza at home is done in a super hot oven on a stone or a baking sheet.  I went with the most low-tech approach for those who have never done it so, by all means, if you know your way around making pizza, skip to the toppings part of this recipe.  Please use the quantities below as a guide, adding more or less according to your preferences.  Remember to always use a light hand and maintain balance because that last thing you want is a soggy pizza.

For PP with love.

pizza with buffalo mozzarella, creme fraiche, corn and prosciutto

1 lb of pizza dough, either store bought or homemade

1/4 lb prosciutto

1/2 cup sweet corn kernels, cooked

3-4 cloves of garlic confit or raw garlic, minced

3-4 T creme fraiche

4-5 oz buffalo mozzarella, sliced

a little salt to taste

a few twists of black pepper, if you like

olive oil

Preheat oven to 500º

Lightly wrap your dough in a clean, damp cotton kitchen towel and allow it to come to room temperature.  This is a great time to get your other ingredients in order.  Mix the garlic with the creme fraiche, slice your cheese, defrost your corn, etc.

When the dough is ready, oil your baking sheet and stretch the dough to the ends or as far as it will go, pinching together any holes.

Spread the creme fraiche/garlic mixture over the dough, place the cheese slices, toss around the corn, sprinkle with some salt, a little stream of olive oil, a few cracks of pepper and put it in the oven.

I wait until the cheese totally melts and the crust is nearly done before adding the prosciutto.  When they cook it in the wood buying oven at PL, the pizza is in for about 3 minutes.  In a conventional oven, it will take longer.  At the risk of drying out the meat, I suggest waiting until the last few minutes of cooking.