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spicy summer slaw

the-pig-and-the-fig-spicy-summer-slawThis light, healthy summer slaw brings to the table the satisfying combo of spice, sweet and crunch.  And no mayo so no worries if it sits out a little too long while you linger over your cocktail(s).


Serve it alongside of anything grilled or especially this.

spicy summer slaw

2 c  shredded red cabbage

2 c  shredded napa or white cabbage

2 c shredded carrots

2 jalapenos, sliced thin, lengthwise

½ c cilantro, minced

for the dressing

 juice and zest of 1 lime

1/2 c grapeseed or other neutral oil

2  T maple syrup

2  T sriracha (optional)

salt and pepper to taste



Mix all of the ingredients for the slaw together and toss in the dressing.

the-pig-and-the-fig-spicy-summer-slawIt's best left to rest for at least an hour (or more) before you serve it.