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sweet potato, carrot, + ginger juice

'Tis the season, without a doubt, for a little balance in your diet.  Between deadlines, finals, shopping, office parties, cocktail parties, ...your body deserves a little break from the stress, booze and rich food.


I was a little skeptical about juicing a raw sweet potato but worry not.  Any weirdness (if you have ever eaten a raw potato, you know what I mean) is masked by the sweetness of the carrot and zing of the ginger.  The potato yields quite a bit of juice and, of course, a ton of nutritional benefits.  Your eyes, complexion, and brain will thank you.

sweet potato + carrot + ginger juice

serves 1

1 sweet potato

4 medium carrots

1/2" knob of ginger

Peel the potato and carrots if not organic.  Juice all of the ingredients together!

An apple or orange (peeled) would also be a great addition.