thanksgiving menu

What I am thankful for?  Well, you for one.  I'm so grateful that you take a few precious moments out of your day to spend with me.  I love and appreciate all of your feedback, comments and questions.  I kind of especially love the questions because it means you are actually trying my recipes! I'm flattered. Truly. Thank you. Hopefully, this is a helpful recap of some of the recipes I have thrown out to you this week along with some other inspiration:

cider-brined turkey with pomegranate glaze and roasted vegetable gravy + wine pairing

The main event.  Ideally, you'll need to start this tomorrow morning if you plan on brining your bird, which I highly recommend.


sausage + apple cornbread stuffing

Because it's all about the stuffing.  Make this up to 1 day before.

pan-roasted brussel spouts with maple + bacon

And hazelnuts, too,  for the perfect mix of textures and flavors.

maple-ginger cranberry sauce

Pairs extremely well with the cider-brined turkey.  Make ahead without issue.

salad of butter lettuce, sautéed pears and pistachios with maple vinaigrette

A festive, delicious salad with all of the flavors of fall.

pumpkin cheesecake

Make today or tomorrow and be prepared for the oohs and ahhs.

(pretty rockin’) apple pie

Just in case you need one more thing that rocks.

We all have our share of things to be thankful for, none the least of which is delicious, homemade food on our table.  Now mix that with family and friends we love and there you have it.  Wishing you the happiest and tastiest of Thanksgivings!