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the green coconut

green coconut drinkOne can get pretty spoiled living in the happiest, healthiest town in America.  Combine world-class skiing, climbing, mountain biking out your back door with a super high concentration of Olympic and tri-athletes, no wonder I don't get any funny looks at the grocery store when asked to be pointed towards the dulse.  Health and nutrition are, needless to say, paramount in Boulder.  Which is why I had such an easy time ripping off this recipe from my local grocery store's seemingly requisite fresh juice bar.

It is one my absolute favorite lunches...especially when I have a 10lb brined pork butt slow roasting in the over for dinner (more on that later this week)  Kids LOVE it because it tastes like a milkshake.  It's a great way to be a sneaky mom and get some spinach in them.  Or you, for that matter.

banana coconut honey smoothie

the green coconut

1 apple peeled and roughly cut

1 banana, sliced

10 oz frozen coconut milk, slightly defrosted OR use a brand like SO Delicious Coconut Milk and a frozen banana instead

1/2 c frozen chopped or baby spinach

2 t honey

Combine all of the above together in a blender.  Serves 2.spinach coconut smoothie drink

Agave syrup works really well if you don't want to use honey.  Alfalfa's has been cutting the coconut milk lately with a choice of almond or hemp which are equally delicious.