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watermelon, fennel + ginger tonic

watermelon, fennel + ginger juice
watermelon, fennel + ginger juice

Need a kickstart this week?  Step away from the that third cup of coffee and make this revitalizing potion instead. Upset stomach?  This helps.  Head clogged?  Prepare for clarity.  Feeling a little scratch in your throat?  Immune boosters ignited.

One word of caution: this is not a subtle brew.  It's spicy, bright and will make you feel very much alive.  Which is a nice way to start the new year in my book.

Looking for a bigger detox? Check out my latest detox juice contribution (!) to Vanity Fair's Agenda for a little wake up call for your liver.

watermelon, fennel + ginger tonic

1.5 c watermelon

1-2" ginger

1/2 c fennel

lime juice to taste

Juice all of the above together except the lime.  Stir in a bit of lime juice to taste, if you wish.

Cheers to 2014!